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Activities in Central Kalahari Botswana

Activities in Central Kalahari Botswana

Most of Botswana is covered by the sands of the Kalahari but it is the vast central area of the country that is encompassed by the wilderness known as the Central Kalahari.

Central Kalahari Activities

Game drives

There is a network of roads linking the various areas in the game reserve to provide an overall picture of the landscape of the park and for game viewing. In the private areas limited off roading is possible.

Bushmen interaction

The lodges in the park have Bushmen trackers that go out on nature walks to interpret the environment for guests and in the private areas there is the opportunity for cultural interaction in the villages.


Despite the aridity of the area the Kalahari is one of the best birding areas in Botswana, especially so in the wet season when all the migrants are around. The Kalahari is particularly well known for its raptors due to the prevalence of small mammals.

Nature walks

Nature walks in the Kalahari are generally accompanied by Bushmen trackers who enhance the experience with their incredible knowledge of the area and its life.

When should we travel for our family safari?

Night drives in concessions outside the park

Night drives are done on some of the private areas outside the game reserve boundaries, providing a unique look at the nocturnal creatures of the Kalahari.


With its clear, unpolluted sky the Kalahari is one of the best places in Africa for stargazing and each lodge will have a guide with knowledge of the skies.

Unique Attractions of Central Kalahari

Unique desert adapted wildlife – the semi-arid environment of the Kalahari ensures some unique adaptations by the animals that live in the area and learning these from a guide is truly fascinating. These animals have numerous ways of dealing with the lack of water in order to survive.Interacting with ancient wisdom – the Central Kalahari is synonymous with the Bushmen people and learning of their way of life is one of the most memorable experiences in Africa.

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