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Bukoba Region Guide – Tanzania

Bukoba Region Guide – Tanzania

Bukoba Region

Bukoba is a city situated in the north west of The United Republic of Tanzania on the south western shores of Lake Victoria. It is the capital of the Kagera region, and the administrative seat for Bukoba Urban District. Population estimate: 100,000.

The city is served by Bukoba Airport and regular ferry connections to and from Mwanza, as well as roads linking to Uganda’s Rakai District for the cross border car commuters with plans underway for a standard gauge railway construction to fulfil the high ambitions of Uganda.

Bukoba Climate

The climate is sunny and mild most of the year. It can sometimes get cool especially in the evenings during the two rainy seasons, but never as cold as the winter season in Europe.

Bukoba Airport

The Airport is located south east of the city. The address on Sokoine Road Auric Air flies three times a day to Mwanza. In 2010 the airport was being extended as more flights were expected in line with capacity growth milestones of  The Air Terminal reviewed after published reports every quarter of the year.



Bus Station leaves for Kampala at 7 am every day (about 6 hours)and from Kampala for Bukoba at 11 am every day. It boasts a white sandy beach, a large market , a port tennis courts and a swimming pool.It has 3 banks , two of which take VISA cards in the ATM.

Bukoba Town itself has the status of a municipal Council. It has a municipal Director and other local government officials like other district councils in the region.

Activities in Bukoba

Katuruka Heritage Site

A stop on the Bukoba Tours circuit, this site preserves the oldest-known iron-smelting furnace in east, central and southern Africa (from 500 BC; long before equivalent techniques were known in Europe).
While the site itself is essentially just old bricks and some small nuggets, there are interesting shrines to King Rugomora (r AD 1650–75) and Mugasha, the god of storms and water. Your guide will tell you some fascinating legends about them.

Musira Island

The big chunk of rock in front of Bukoba was a prison island in the days of the kings and now it offers an intriguing getaway. Upon arrival introduce yourself to the chairman and pay the island fee.
Ask him to show you the path to the summit, which passes the Orthodox church and several homes made from elephant grass.

Kagera Museum

This small but worthwhile museum mixes a collection of local tribal items with photographs of wildlife from the Kagera region; drums, handbags and other crafted items are on display. A guide (which is more or less compulsory) charges Tsh 3000.

Mater Misericordiae Cathedral

This landmark cathedral in the centre of town certainly draws attention to itself with its huge see-through, glass steeple. It looks like something from a B-grade sci-fi film.
Unfortunately the entrance gates are normally locked outside service time but if you come past in the early morning there’s more chance of them being open and you may be able to slip in for a look around.

Bunena Church

The town’s original cathedral, the 1914 Bunena Church is the oldest church in Bukoba. It paints a pretty picture when seen from Bukoba Beach, but isn’t much up close. The rocky cliff below it, however, is very attractive.

Lina’s Night Club

The nightclub in Bukoba is open 24 hours but the bar only gets busy in the evening, and the club from Friday to Sunday. It’s bright yellow, and so vast most of the city could dance inside it…there’s even a gym!

Terminal One Pub

A couple of tables outside the airport’s terminal 1 make for a perfect casual spot to chat with locals, have a beer with some fried pork or potatoes, and watch the planes and wildlife as the sun goes down.

Bukoba Co-Op Hotel

The beach seating makes this a popular gathering spot. The grilled tilapia, pizzas and curries are good, but it’s the view that makes it worth it. If there’s no breeze, bring insect repellent.

Victorius Perch

The most ambitious menu in town features Chinese, Indian and European, and even tries for Italian, though many items aren’t always available.

ELCT Tea Room

Popular all-you-can-eat buffet, right in the town centre, serving all your Tanzanian favourites at low prices.

New Rose Café

A wonderful and unassuming Bukoba institution that feels like a cross between a grocer and a little cafe-restaurant.

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