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Family Vacations in Kenya

Family Vacations in Kenya

Family Vacations in Kenya

All you need to know about family vacation in Kenya

The year was exhaustive, not for you only, but for the kids too. You are probably looking for a perfect escape, a place far from the long, tedious working hours and the eons of tasks and responsibilities. A place that will calm down your restless mind, a release for that extra baggage you have been carrying around for so long a time.

Well, the good news is that such a place is in existence. Kenya, yes, you heard me right, Kenya.  The country is known for its awesomeness and culminating beauty, for its lush green enticing landscapes, for its peace, calm and tranquility, for its beautiful mountains, seas, and lakes, and for its stunning holiday destinations. There is nothing that can surpass the amazingness of family vacations in Kenya.

Let us then, without much further ado, have a look at some of the best places to visit while on a family vacation in Kenya.

1.      Malindi Marine National Park

Are you a lover of the sea and of the mysteries that surround the marine life? Well, this is the perfect destination for your family vacations in Kenya. The Malindi Marine National Park is a remarkable national park within the Malindi-Watamu biosphere. Your kids are going to have a blast here; this is mainly because the facility is packed with kid-friendly activities such as glass-bottom tours and boat rides, scuba diving, swimming lessons and trips, and so many other fun activities.

You get the chance to marvel at the gorgeousness of Mother Nature, and the best part of this is that you get to experience this with your loved ones. Carrying your camera with you is another great idea. Otherwise, where else will you get the once in a lifetime chance to see the green turtles, Spot Mako, whale sharks, surgeonfish, and Moorish idols.

What price with all this glitz and glamour cost me? Well, it only incurs a non-resident adult and child $17 and $13 respectively while the county’s citizen adult and child pay $1.3 and $ 1.25 respectively.

2.      The Crocodile Farm and Snake Park

This wondrous destination is also located in Malindi which is 556.44kms from the country’s capital Nairobi. Your kids will fall dangerously in love with this place. They get to see these creatures feed and co-exist in their habitat. Your younglings also get to touch turtles with their own hands, how cool is that!

3.      Watamu Marine National Reserve

Are your kids still baffled by the fact that a creature can live, eat and breed while under water? Well, take them to this highly educational national reserve located in Watamu. Watamu is a town situated 120km north of Mombasa and 28km in the south of Malindi. You can get to the national reserve by either road or air where your arrival point will be the Malindi airport.

The national reserve has over 600 Fish species on display, and your kids get to inquire and learn about each one of them, amazing, right? The Watamu Marine National Reserve, without any hint of doubt, will give you a fun-filled day that will forever remain marked on your calendars.

This ostentatious facility will only cost a non-resident adult and child $17 and $ 13 respectively and a citizen $13 and $1.25 correspondingly.

4.      Shela Beach House

Those in search of a tranquil family getaway will adore the Shela Beach which is located 3km south of Lamu town and 100km from Mombasa. There are three daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Lamu from where you are to take a 15-minute boat ride to the Shela Beach House. The beach house has a villa with four double rooms and one triple room.

The fringed dune beach is home away from home. The beach is located away from the busy city life which makes it less congested in comparison to other beaches. Additionally, the place is suitable for those long refreshing beach walks. The area also presents the perfect opportunity for you and your family to create life-long memories. Camera rides are a plus for your kids. Family vacations in Kenya could never get better than the Shela Beach House.

5.      Swahili Museum

Are you curious about the Swahili culture? Do you wish to learn about its origin and development? The Swahili Museum should be one of your stopovers for people in family vacations in Kenya. The museum located in the Lamu old town only charges $5 and $2.5 for adult and children non-residents respectively and $1 and $5 for adult and children citizens apiece.  The recently restored museum gives us a peek into the lives and cultures of those who founded the Lamu town. The museum also portrays the Swahili culture in an entertaining and educative manner. Additionally, tourists are given an exclusive tour around the traditional stone Swahili houses where you get to learn about the Swahili tribe.

6.      Fort Jesus

Family vacations in Kenya would be incomplete if you were to miss out on the glory and uniqueness of the Mombasa Fort Jesus. Your kids have most probably read about it in history and what a great way to bring history to life! This architectural jewel carries with it a long history and heritage of the Swahili people. The fort Jesus is not only a perfect opportunity for you to travel down memory lane but also a great chance for your family to learn how slave trade worked. An excellent view of the magnificent Indian Ocean is an added plus for you and your family. All this is at $12 and $6 for non-resident adults and children respectively and $2 and $1 for Kenyan adults and children respectively.

7.The Mount Kenya Safari Club:

Brace yourself for a rousing experience at the Mount Kenya Safari Club. The club is at the foot of the ever glorious Mt. Kenya at a place called Nanyuki which is 194.3kms from Nairobi. Does it get better than having your breath taken away by the splendid sight of the snow-capped giant mountain? Well, if it does not then that is what the surrounding greenery and the nearby animal orphanage are there for.  Book a room at the club using their website or enquire about their ranging charges through +254 (0) 62 203 6000. Those in the country can book direct flights to the location through the website above.

8.      Mawingu estate

Mawingu is Swahili for the clouds. This property will most definitely have you on cloud nine, no pun intended. The beautiful estate neighbors the Mount Kenya Safari Club. A lot of people are not aware of the estate’s existence something that makes it even more exciting and calm. Homes here are owner homes, and the activities here are just right for a family with kids.


You deserve a fun-filled unforgettable family vacation and this ‘best places to visit while on family vacations in Kenya’ will get you just that. Pack your bags, leave your laptops and iPad at home and get ready to have yourself knocked off your feet by this stunning holiday destination Kenya.


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