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Guide to Booking a Holiday to Tanzania

Guide to Booking a Holiday to Tanzania

Tanzania is a country rich in incredible attractions and nature. From the sandy white beaches of Zanzibar to Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation area, Kilimanjaro National Park, and So many others, the History, animals and landscapes are quite dramatic.

A well planned Tanzania holiday gives a perfect opportunity to witness wonderful things – From Serengeti Migration, to Hippo pool, relaxing in Zanzibar, or Climbing Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro and amazing cultural programs, Tanzania has the ability to provide plenty of unique things to see and do.

But, it makes sense to conduct the necessary due diligence to make sure your travel adventures are well planned and the itinerary includes the extra things you want to see while away on your travels, and this is why this Guide to Booking a Holiday in Tanzania  is important.

Guide to Booking a Holiday in Tanzania Guide to Booking a Holiday in Tanzania

Here are a few tips to booking a holiday to Tanzania:

1. Do your homework
Finding the right Tanzania travel agent requires a little time spent on research. A great place to start the process is to ask relatives and friends for recommendations.

If a close family member was happy with their travel experience, there is a great chance you will be. Additionally, the review sites like TripAdvisor and Safari Bookings are a great place to start the research process.

Also, you may want to look at the locally based travel agents because they will have more knowledge of their country, and provide the more in-depth, fun and interesting travel itineraries.

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2. Figuring out your needs

In order to plan the preferred holiday it is essential to figure out your needs. A locally based Tanzania travel agency can easily create the best travel plan that matches the specific needs. This should not underestimate a personal research of Tanzania to get unbiased information.

3. When is the best time to Travel to Tanzania

It is very important to have good research about when to go Tanzania, tour operators want to sell, and I can assure you that most of the time they may give you good experience, yes, but in line with how much is their profit. You must have some information on your own.

The best time to visit Tanzania is during the Dry season, from late June to October, when wildlife viewing is generally at its best. The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is usually during June and July and the time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February.

The southern and western circuit parks are best visited during the Dry season (June to October), unlike the more popular northern circuit parks that can be visited year-round.

Guide to Booking a Holiday in Tanzania

Travel for families or couples

A Tanzania safari is a delight for all ages, and as such is an ideal family holiday. The excitement of the adventure is truly shared, allowing parents, grandparents and children to treasure memories for ever after. Every Tanzania safari is so different; each wildlife moment is so distinct, that even old timers cannot claim to have seen it all before.

Additionally, the Tanzania family tour can make the trip of a lifetime for those travelling with their partner. The cities and countryside, National Parks and Beaches offer a variety of fun and interesting activities for couples.

Discover the full beauty of this country with its quiet beaches, National Parks, Mountain Climbing, intimate restaurants, extraordinary cities and stunning natural beauty, which is certain to make an incredible experience. Also, Tanzania can make a wonderful honeymoon spot with Zanzibar and Flying Safari as a popular destination. 

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How much do you want to get involved?
Some travel agents can plan every aspect of the your Safari, from booking hotels and excursions to airlines and dinner reservations. Other agents will be more than happy to give assistance on basing a travel itinerary on your personal research.

Also, the option to communicate with the agent can vary; some are comfortable with email, while others may prefer phone interaction. I advice you to sometimes ask for an opportunity to call a tour operator, apart from all that you write each other, it is good to hear them direct through a call.

The travel organisation is certain to work best when you are able to find an agent who is able to match your travel planning personality. Most travel agents will let you know their travel planning process and communication style by simply asking.

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Compare prices
Many different factors are taken into consideration when pricing the Safari, such as the complexity of the trip, the length, time of year, accomodation, and transport, is it by road or air?

The established agents are often in a position to get extras for their clients, such as room upgrades and more convenient check-ins and checkouts at airport transfers and hotels.

It is worth having a quick shop around to see what is on offer, but you shouldn’t look at price without involving at least 5 tour operators.

Do you have any Questions about Safari or Kilimanjaro Climbs to Tanzania?  Feel free to ask any Questions about Tanzania, it’s easy  Click here and ask any Questions you may have about Tanzania and our Panel of Travel Experts will be happy to help you free of charge ~ The only Neutral Advice about your Safari!

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