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Kilwa Cultural Activities

Kilwa Cultural Activities

Kilwa Cultural Activities

Welcome to Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara ruins which are UNESCO’s World Heritage sites which was once the East Africa trading city port linking Mwanamutapa Kingdom (Zimbambwe) with Middle East, Persia, Indonesia and China. The cultural influence of all these communities can be witnessed at Kilwa today.

Kilwa is located 300Km South of Dar-es-salaam. The following activities are on offer to our esteemed visitors; A cultural insight of the surrounding communities Dhow boat trip around Kilwa Island

– Kilwa historical tour
– Walk around the ruins and Coast people’s settlements while enjoying a cool breeze from the Indian Ocean..
– Traditional fishing experience
– Hippo pool tour
– Bird watching
– Canoeing safari
– Mangrove forest tour
– Beach experience
– Salt farm tour

Half day tour options:

Option 1: The tour starts with:

– Visiting the ruins where you will see German, Indian, English and Arabic architecture, the slave market, slave prison and the loading bay for slaves.
– Then proceed to Old port and a slaves hanging tree also used in German colonial times to hang rebels.
– Finally visit hippos where you will be given a welcome by hippo’s water splash.

Option 2: Start your tour with:
– Canoe where traditional fishing can be practiced and get magnificent view of Kilwa ruins from the ocean. While canoeing near the Mangrove forest try to explore water birds, Kingfishers and many other bird species found in the area.
– Proceed to Salt farm and learn how locals harvest salt from the Indian Ocean water.
– After your half day tour, relax and take a delicious local lunch with a lot of sea stuff. Remember, this is a home of Sea foods.

NB: Some food stuffs here have medicinal values. We advise you to taste it.

Full Day Tour:
– Visit the ruins and the village where you will freely interact with local people and then proceed to the hippo pool for watching hippos and birds.
– Canoe down the Indian Ocean to experience a nice view for the Kilwa Island decorated by Mangroves, Coconut, palm trees and the ruins that will take your memories back to explorer’s time.
– Learn local ways of timing and locating fish, actual fishing and try to catch a fish that will be prepared for your lunch or dinner.
– Enjoy coffee with local people under the Fig tree during the evening hours while listening to stories and get a real touch of authentic Swahili culture.

Getting there: Kilwa Cultural Tourism Enterprise is located in Lindi region 300 Kms South of Dar-es-Salaam.
One can board daily buses leaving Dar-es-Salaam to Lindi and Mtwara and get off at Kilwa junction. From there follow the sign board indication to our office located 3kms.

Flight options are available by local charters that can take you from Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Dar-es-salaam and Arusha. You can also access Kilwa by boat from Mafia and by road from Selous Game Reserve via Liwale route or Kibiti road.

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