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Lutindi Cultural & Eco tourism

Lutindi Cultural & Eco tourism

Discover the Usambara’s

Lutindi old missionary site offers real African cultural experience. Various tours are conducted within and around the villages bordering the town of Korogwe. Lutindi is home for the Mental Hospital which was the first in East African region.The following are on offer;
– Guided tour through the Hospital
– Tea farm tours
– An insight into Wasambaa culture
– Hiking to Masusu view point
– Walking in a Natural forest
– Butterfly, bird watching and herbal tour
– An eco-tourism experience

Half day tours:

Magamba Tour
Start with a walking to a tea farm while criss-crossing various fruits’ farms around the villages. Get an insight of fruit production and enjoy the great tea plantations with amazing landscape. Extend your walking expedition to the Magamba view point standing at 1400m where magnificent view of the surrounding fields, village settlements and the beautiful scenery will astonish you.

Masusu Tour
Get a guided tour around the Mental hospital facility that was constructed by German Missionaries during colonial times. This tour will take you back to 1896. Follow a path through the forest and observe several rare bird species and trees found only in this area. At the view point, standing at 1350m, take a breath and enjoy the wonderful view of Korogwe town, tea fields and settlements and also view of other viewpoints sticking out on the Usambara Mountains

Full Day Tours

Mashindei Tour (8-9 hours tour)
Start with a walking visit then hike up to the Natural forest and identify colourful beautiful butterflies and birds. Here you will pass through various plants with medicinal qualities; our experienced guides will explain the how the medicinal content are extracted from identified herbs. Proceed to the top of Mashiondei Mountain that lies at 1450m. This peak was known as Bismarck’s head during colonial times.

Tea Tour and Msongolo View Point Tour
This is a perfect tour to get an insight on tea production in the field, planting tea, picking and processing the leaves to get ready tea for using. You will then climb higher to Msongolo point and then pay a visit to a small tea factory for the Hospital.

Kizumi Forest Eco-Tour:
Kizumi forest is famous for many endemic species of flora and fauna. Discover some indigenous species of butterflies found only in Tanzania as well as plants and primate species. On your walking while taking in fresh air explore the natural habitat for various living things. An opportunity to learn about birds of Usambara Mountains and walk following a river with natural springs

Night Walk 
For those spending a night, they will get a chance to do a night guided tour with experienced guides. An opportunity to visit coffee drinking clubs in the evening for chat with locals (age mates) to also hear about local legends and folklore

A decent guest house is available (with prior booking) at the hospital that offers full board accommodation services. There are also areas that are suitable for camping

Community Support
Lutindi mental hospital is a very important mental health institution in Tanzania. The hospital runs various projects some of which are used as occupational therapy for the patients. A tea production unit with organic classic black tea finely mixed up with different spices provides another unique experience to our visitors. Income from all these tourism related activities helps to run the hospital and is used for Nature Conservation Projects in the villages

Getting there: Lutindi Cultural & Eco-tourism Enterprise is located almost halfway of Arusha –Dares- salaam. The distance to Dar-es- Salaam is 330 km, to Arusha is 350 km. Coming from Dar-es-salaam you pass Korogwe town until you reach Msambiazi village then turn right up the Mountain for 13kms. Lutindi is located 22 km from Korogwe town.

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