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Medical Volunteer in Tanzania!

Medical Volunteer in Tanzania!

Do you dream of experiencing beautiful African scenery and wildlife at an affordable price? Do you want to help in impoverished communities in Tanzania while learning about their fascinating culture and history? Then this VHSO volunteer program is the right fit for you.

Tanzania is a gorgeous country, filled with spectacular scenery like the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as exotic wildlife like lions and elephants. It also has a deep and rich history, with many different ethnic cities and cultures having lived on this land for millennia.

Sadly, it is also a country stricken by poverty, which leads to often inadequate healthcare for its citizens. This hits rural areas and city outskirts the hardest, with local hospitals and clinics located here lacking the proper manpower or resources to adequately care for their charges. Volunteers are desperately needed to alleviate this desperate lack of access to medical services in rural areas.

As part of our Medical Volunteer Tanzania project, you can provide vital aid to the disadvantaged and help ensure that all Tanzanians, regardless of wealth and social standing, have access to proper healthcare and medication.

Contact VHSO to inquire about this exciting opportunity to gain the experience of a lifetime exploring an exciting and beautiful place.

Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants interested in joining our volunteer medical program in Tanzania need to possess previous experience and training in the medical field. If you’re a nurse, doctor, or medical student with love and passion for the most disadvantaged, then you are perfectly suited to this project. You need to have a kind disposition and have a great capacity for patience, as well as a sincere wish to see healthcare services provided to those who cannot afford or access them.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Volunteers’ Responsibilities & Impact

Your exact responsibilities will greatly depend on your education, experience, and existing skills/qualifications. Volunteers are not allowed to perform major diagnostic or surgical work, but will work closely with local doctors and medical staff by shadowing them.

Common tasks for medical volunteers in Tanzania include taking measurements, assisting doctors, working in health camps distributing medication, providing health advice and counselling to patients, and treating minor injuries and wounds. You will also be assisting with administrative work and patient records as needed.

This work will provide crucial care and attention to an often-overlooked part of Tanzanian society, and the kindness you will show your patients will be greatly appreciated. It will also provide relief to an incredibly overworked local medical staff, letting them reach even more people and provide even better care.


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