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I will have one full-day free in Arusha and wanted to get opinions on the best park to visit for a day trip. I am not doing the Serengeti or any other safari on this trip. What are thoughts on Arusha NP vs Tarangire vs Ngorongoro Crater? I’m leaning towards the latter two from what I’ve read online but wanted to see what other opinions were.

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  1. Because you also going to visit Serengeti, I can still vote a day tour to Arusha national park. You will be only driving for around 35kms from the city center. Arusha national park is a small green beautiful park with hills, small lakes and forest taste. In clear days you can have a good view of mount meru which is within the Arusha national park and also a view of Kilimanjaro.
    You can do both game drives and walking tour in Arusha national park, also canoe. It is less visited, you can enjoy the best of it.
    Tarangire is a big park, to have the best game drives it is recommended you spend not less than 2 days, imagine driving from Arusha to tarangire and back to arusha is around 250kms. Our rules allows only 80kms per hour drive and remember there are many villages in between whereby you have to drive 50kms per hour. It takes about 2 hours drive to drive to tarangire and again 2 hours to drive back.

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