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Interested in receiving feedback on the intinerary I’ve contructed before I start reaching out to local TO’s. We’re a party of 3 (all first timers to a TZ safari) and will be traveling May 10 to May 17, 2021. Arrival and departure flights into JRO will be on KLM.

My thought process was to maximize time in the Central Serengeti due to the time of year (May)


  • May 10th – Arrival KLM – Transit to Arusha – The African Tulip
  • May 11th – Tarangire – Tarangire Safari Lodge
  • May 12th – Ngorongoro – Sopa Lodge
  • May 13th – Crater tour in morning then transit to Serengeti. Central Serengeti – Kiota Camp
  • May 14th – Central Serengeti – Kiota Camp
  • May 15th – Central Serengeti – Kiota Camp
  • May 16th – Central Serengeti – Kiota Camp
  • May 17th – Flight from Seronera to Arusha – African Tulip day room – Depart KLM


We’re primarily interested in game viewing so the emphasis was to build up to the Sergeneti (most likely better game viewing experiences) and spend most of our days there.

I’m fairly happy with lodging choices and more looking for reassurance on the flow of the itinerary.

Welcome all feedback.


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  1. This Itinerary works well. Good value for your money at the various camps and lodges. Kiota is in a bit North of where the herds will likely be, but it is not a terrible distance.
    I would almost consider splitting the stay, maybe 2 nights in Melia Serengeti or a camp around Makoma or Rongai, and then 2 nights in Kiota, to have a bit different scenery.

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