20th year wedding anniversary


I’m travelling with my husband to celebrate our 20th year wedding anniversary.

On the precise date we’ll be on Central Serengeti and we’re looking for wonderful options of accomodations that aren’t as expensive as Four Seasons (out of our budget).

Do you’ve any suggestions?

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  1. Happy 10th Anniversary,
    For sure now you need a break after 10yrs but also celebrating, The lodges in central Serengeti have ranges, but try the following

    • Serengeti Matawi Camp
    • Ole Serai Camp
    • Kubu Kubu Camp
    • Serengeti Semetu Camp
    • BUT ALSO
    • Katikati Serengeti Camp
    • Into Wild Africa Camp
    • Kisura Serengeti Camp


    • Serengeti Serena Lodge
    • Sopa Serengeti Lodge

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