3 week Tanzania Safari


I have 3 weeks late September/early oct subject to Covid etc..

Rough plan at the moment is:


  1. Day1: Arrive/orientation
  2. Day2-8: Kilamanjaro climb Machame/Lesotho
  3. Day9-12: Safari Serengeti & Ngorogoro
  4. Day13-18: Zanzibar


I have 3 days spare at the moment, could be more if I took Zanzibar down from 6 to 5 days. Haven’t done a safari before and as a young solo traveller, feel I’d get bored if I added anymore time on.

Any ideas for what I could add on? Ideally looking for a slightly different experience, (doesn’t have to be in Tanzania).

Maybe a maasai village visit? Or Lake Natron? Open to suggestions many thanks.

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  1. Great Plan, but  you only have 4 days for a safari why not add 2 extra days and visit Tarangire it will be excellent in October-Sept. Dry season and the elephants gather along the river to drink. I don’t think you would get bored everyday is different and the diversity of wildlife makes a 5-6-7 day safari ideal with all the different parks but if your worried walk to Lake Natron. I think 4 days are enough for Zanzibar beach side, and so you can add days for Safari.

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