4 days in Victoria falls


We have booked 2 nights so far in Victoria falls and wondering whether to go to Chobe on a day trip from there or should we stay our other 2 nights in Kasane.

Also, do you need to pre book for the Devils pool.


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  1. You don’t say what time of the year as it would make a difference as to whether you can visit Devils pool.The water level on the Zambezi has to be low to allow for safe swimming. Although variable every year this is normally from late August to early January.As it is on the Zambian side of the Falls you would need appropriate cross border documentation.
    I have been to VF a couple of times and stayed 2 nights on the Zimbabwe side.Four nights is not needed even if you do the Devils pool visit.Two nights in Kasane to visit Chobe NP for game drives and river cruise would be a good combination and not too rushed as compared to a day trip.

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