4 nights in Kidepo to much?



Wondering how many nights we should stay in Kidepo NP?

We have now planned to camp 4 nights ( 3 full days) in Kidepo, but doubting if this is may be to much.

Our concerns are food and fuel (Landcruiser GX diesel) related.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Kind Regards!

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  1. Certainly not too much! Just about right, if you ask me.
    About food: if you will be running short of it, you can always order meals at Apoka visitors center (cold drinks are also always available there) or at the two nearby lodges.
    As for fuel, be sure to fill up at the last fuel station. Depending on the route you will be using, it will either be in Kitgum or in Kaabong.
    You certainly won’t regret three full days in Kidepo, it’s one of the finest parks in whole East Africa.

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