6 days Nakuru and Masai Mara Safari


Dear fellow travellers,

We are 06 Adults travelling to Kenya in Aug-Sept and looking for some advice. We will be staying 01 night in Nakuru and 04 nights in Masai Mara. We plan to book the accommodation ourselves.

However, I spoke to few (more than 7) tour companies in Nairobi and only for transport + safari they are quoting min 150$ per person per day, without park entrance.

Is this reasonable? And/or advisable to do the Safari this way?

Thank you.

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    Assuming this covers just the cost of driver and vehicle and fuel, I agree $900 a day is way over the odds.

    But then doing it this way (i.e booking your own accommodation) you are denying the tour operator commission on the accommodation reservations, yet without saving yourself any money. So not entirely surprised they have inflated the price.

    If they were booking the whole package for you they’d make some commission from the accommodation, and I’d expect the daily rate for the vehicle to be more like $200-250 a day.

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