Acclimatizing in Moshi for Kilimanjaro



I and my father are going to Tanzania for Kilimanjaro Climb this December! we have one full day before our Kilimanjaro trek! My Question is, what is the best activities in Kilimanjaro which will prepare me for Kilimanjaro? Hike?

Thanking you in advance!

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  1. One of the best tour in Moshi before your Kilimanjaro Climb that will assist you is Materuni Water Falls tour at the foot of Kilimanjaro! Nestled in the patchwork foothills of magnificent Kilimanjaro lies the beautiful village of Materuni, home to our Chagga friends and famous for its aromatic, rich coffee.

    On this fragrant and fun day out you’ll get a chance to make your own cup of coffee the proper way and you’ll find out the secret to the perfect cup of coffee from the local Chagga people. Next you’ll hike the short but challenging route to the Materuni Falls and you can stand under the waters as they cascade into a tranquillity pool that’s safe for bathing.

    And you’ll want to jump straight in – after getting sweaty (ok, glowing!) from your hike, there’s nothing more soothing than floating in the cool waters. Enjoy your packed lunch before or after your swim – there are no rules!

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