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Hello Jonas!

I will be staying near Jambiani beach for 5 nights and then move close to stone town for another 4. I will rent a car, and I was wondering whether you can help me and suggest where to go from each place.

I am interested in seeing all the beautiful beaches, spice farms, forest….


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  1. Hi Leah!

    There interested stories and places to visit when you drive from Stone to Jambian, what I suggest is that have relaxed time, drive, stop, and if possible, just get a guide to go with you!

    For the beaches: you’ll find the best beaches on the stretch Jambiani – Paje – Bwejuu, which you can discover by taking a leasurely walk. Drive to Pingwe (where the Rock Restaurant is, and Upendo opposite) and Michamvi, where you also find beautiful beaches.

    When you drive from Stone Town to the north, check out Kendwa beaches. Nungwi is for my liking far too touristy.



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