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We are an Australian family travelling to Tanzania over December/Jan. It will be our children’s first trip to the country where their father was born. We will only have 3 nights in Zanzibar and I have already made a note of your recommendations regarding ferry, south east coast, car hire and contacted Mustapha’s Place!

Given our short time and 3 children(aged 15,12, 7 who love the beach) I’m thinking that our best plan is to hire a car and driver for a day or 2 half days.

What would be your top 3 recommendations of all the great places you suggest?

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    3 days is a very short time for the island. First and foremost, you of course need to go snorkelling (which the staff of Mustaphas can arrange for you).

    You should visit Jozani Forest, which is a 20 min drive from Mustaphas/Bwejuu. Besides the Red Colubus Monkeys (who live freely in the forest, not in cages!) you will see the mangroves and if you are lucky, the huge crabs. If you are into butterflies, you can also visit the butterfly farm which is a 10 min drive from Jozani Forest.

    I also recommend a visit to the spice farm as a must do, although that means you have to travel to Stone Town (about 1 hour drive from Bwejuu) – you can combine it with a guided walking tour through Stone Town.

    You might also want to have a sunset barbeque at the beach of Michamvi, which is a peninsula 20 km north of Bwejuu. From the west facing side of the peninsula you can watch one of our glorious sunsets.

    Mambo Poa Tours in Jambiani organizes the barbeque, also “tours off the beaten track” (especially interesting for your kids). Check out

    Hope this helps.


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