Are there a lot of insects on Safari?


Are there a lot of insects on Safari?

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  1. Yes, have seen safari ants, spiders, mosquitoes, large beetles, etc but no problem. Much also has to do with common sense such as keeping screens and doors closed as appropriate, using mosquito netting as provided, use of repellant when in situations meriting use (I try to avoid repellants when possible), checking shoes before putting them on, etc.
    Unless one is going camping and game walks chance of encountering the undesired creatures you mention is very low. Guides and lodge/camp staff want your experience to be a positive one. But, hey, this is Africa!
    We have seen several snakes on our trips and actually look forward to seeing them but at a respectful distance. Have talked to fellow travelers who never saw one. Usually such are seen from the safety of one’s vehicle. Of course, type of lodging may influence chance of meeting snakes.
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