Are there any rules to abide by when Gorilla Trekking?


Are there any rules to abide by when Gorilla Trekking?

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  1. Yes, the park rangers are very strict in managing gorilla and human contact. The rules include:

    • No more than eight guests are allowed to view each of the habituated gorilla families at any one time.
    • You should maintain a distance of at least seven meters or 23 feet from the gorillas. The gorillas will break the rules occasionally. In such cases, one should step back.
    • Do not do anything that may cause the gorillas stress or exhibit any behavior that they may see as a challenge. One must respect their space, speak very quietly, and avoid unnecessary movement.
    • Do not touch the gorillas or try to make contact.
    • Do not use flash cameras.
    • Do not eat or smoke.
    • Leave nothing behind but footprints.


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