Are there any toilet or shower facilities on the climb?


Are there any toilet or shower facilities on the climb?

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  1. The toilets that are available on the slopes consist of nothing more than four walls and a hole in the ground (sometimes referred to as a ‘long drop’). These toilets aren’t cleaned around the clock and you can find them in quite a horrid state.

    Another option is to hire a portable toilet that’s set up at you campsite for the evening. Although this comes at an extra cost you won’t have to hold your breath and your nose, and it gives you more privacy. The final option that’s always available is to get in touch with the great outdoors so to speak (i.e. find a bush and do your ‘business’).

    While ‘getting in touch with nature’ is all good and well, please respect the environment, by taking any toilet paper you use and placing it in a plastic bag, so you can dispose of it later.

    With rudimentary toilet facilities – you guessed it – a nice warm shower is a luxury on the slopes of Kili. Wet wipes come in handy and are highly recommended to quickly freshen up. There is also the option of a humble bucket and face cloth should you feel the need to clean up a bit. One thing is for sure though, your first shower after a 6 – 8 day climb is going to feel out of this world.

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