Are there toilet facilities on Kilimanjaro?


Are there toilet facilities on Kilimanjaro? What to expect when doing my business?

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  1. The camping facilities and toilets on Kilimanjaro are rather basic. For some the biggest complaint are the toilets on Kilimanjaro. Lets just say the loos leave much to be desired.
    So what can you do to improve your ablution experience on Kili?
    Going to the toilet is an intensely personal experience. Doing so whilst camping on a 6 or 7 day hike however takes the ‘personal’ and the ‘experience to a whole new level. On Kilimanjaro there are really only two toilet options.
    Option 1 – Use the toilets on Kilimanjaro
    This option is chosen by most climbers and is probably why so many people complain. If you decide to use the toilets on Kilimanjaro then set your expectations really low and you won’t be too disappointed.
    Bring your own toilet paper (2 rolls should be more than sufficient) and a sachet of baby wipes – these are great for cleaning in general.
    Option 2 – Hire a Kilimanjaro Portable Loo
    Most climbing companies offer climbers the option of taking a portable loo up the mountain.
    Portable loos are nifty little devices that come with their own mini tent and work a dream. The loo is carried by a porter and setup at each camp. Typically the cost of hiring a portable loo is $150, which may seem a lot, but if you are in a group with two or three other climbers it can be very affordable.
    Portable loos may sound a little extravagant and maybe they are. But at the end of the day if they make your climb more enjoyable we would argue that they are a good investment.

    Portable Toilet During Kilimanjaro Climb (Recommended for extra Comfort)

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