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I’m thinking to spend my first two nights in Arusha. Basically not doing too much the first afternoon/evening after traveling, and then spending the next day at Arusha National Park. The following morning would leave early for Tarangire and points west.

Would it be that next morning departing for Tarangire, that my Safari with the Guide would start? It sort of sounds like from posts and reviews that folks visit Arusha National Park more as a “stand-alone”. i.e., they go to the park on their own and join a sponsored tour there, rather than using the private guide they use for the rest of their safari. Do I have that right?

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    The very best method is to use your outfitter from every moment in Tanzania — from the moment he greets you outside baggage claim at the airport until he deposits you back at the airport at the end of your safari.

    Your visit to Arusha National Park will be, like the rest of your safari, in your own vehicle with your private guide. Should you decide to do a bush walk or canoe trip, a local guide or ranger will accompany you, but your private guide will be there for you at the end of this activity to continue, if you like, a game drive — or to return you to your lodge.

    There is no need to manage the Arusha portion of your safari yourself — and no real cost savings of trying to do so. You’ll want a smooth, seamless trip, and your outfitter can best provide this — no anxieties caused by not quite knowing what to do or how to do it.

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