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We are  headed to Tanzania next month from Chicago. I asked out TO how much it would cost to fly to fly to Kogatende instead of driving. At his age, I think he would appreciate not having to drive back and forth. This is is 65th birthday, and this is his gift. At the same time, finances are important to me.

Our tour operator quoted us “an additional $700 one way flight for two people” plus the driver/car fees for the day. It seemed a big high and found there’s at least 3 airlines that fly between these two points: Coastal, Excel and Flightlink fly between Arusha and Kogatende, but the prices are widely different.


  • Coastal is charging $328 USD per adult.
  • Air Excel is charging $277 USD per adult.
  • Flightlink is charging $190 USD per adult.


Is there any difference between these airlines?

I noticed Coastal and Air Excel show the route as ARK to KOG, while Flighlight shows it as ARK to KOG0.

Maybe they aren’t the same landing strips?

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  1. Hello!

    The rates of $ 700 for two people flying to Kogatende one way is reasonable depending on which flight, We have been using coastal aviation as well as Regional air for a couple of years. But on top of that, you must need the driver and vehicle for the game drives when you arrive at Kogatende.

    Enjoy your trip!

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