Average Safari Cost to Tanzania


How much is the average price of a safari to Tanzania?

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    The Safari cost start at about US$300 to US$400 per person per day. If you are coming with a group – your family or friends perhaps – the price can be US$300 or slightly less per person per day (depending on the itinerary).
    It is important that you understand the quality of our safaris. You get what you pay for. Many operators offer different safaris at different price levels.
    A high-end safari will cost approximately US$500-$750 per person per day, or more. If you choose a high-end safari, you will spend much time in remote areas, staying in exclusive luxury camps or lodges, located in beautiful pristine and remote wilderness.
    You will be able to avoid crowds and enjoy the bliss of a private and personal experience in the African bush. In order to reach these very beautiful and remote locations, you will probably fly a few times.
    A midrange safari will cost approximately US$350-$500 per person per day. You can have a really nice safari if you choose to go for the midrange price.
    Traveling in a private safari vehicle (four wheel drive Land Rovers and Land Cruisers) you will be accompanied throughout by your very own private guide who is knowledgeable about wildlife and fluent in English.
    On a mid-range priced safari, you will not stay in over-the-top luxurious camps, but you will always have clean, comfortable and nice accommodation.

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