Avoid Ngorongoro in July


I am horrified of pictures of dozens of jeeps in a queue watching the same predator. Are there equally good and still affordable alternatives, like maybe spending more time in more remote areas of Serengeti? A fly in safari to Selous is out of my budget.

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  1. You can spend more time in tarangire and also in serengeti area. These parks are big, your guide need to be smart and you have to address this that you dont need your guide to drive you in a crowded areas, ask him to take his own time am sure you will enjoy the trip.
    Ngorongoro crater is not big to escape the crowd, you can still visit it but make sure you sleep on the rim at maybe sopa ngorongoro and wake up very early for a cup of coffee and enter the crater at 6:00am till around 10am/11am I am sure you will have the best moment. It is actually getting crowd from late morning/early afternoon.

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