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My wife and I would love to visit Zanzibar next year (Breezes Beach Club). I would just like to know if anyone has any information on whether beach vendors operate in the area. I know that locals have to make a living but we have had holidays in the past where it has become a bit of a pain as I am very polite and find it difficult saying ‘no’. I would be grateful for any information.

Also, I have read that it is not advised to walk on the beaches in Zanzibar at night. Is this just common sense or have there been attacks/tourists mugged?


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  1. There are vendors most everywhere that is public in Tanzania and Zanzibar. If you stay within the resort compound then they will not bother you as the employees will typically keep them away.

    Beaches are public places and they may be there at times. If you say something in Swahili then they will typically think that you’re not a usual tourist and will leave you alone. Tell them hapana asante (it means no thanks) and they will go away.

    As for walking on the beach at night, the tide in most places is too high for you to walk on the beach at night, but I wouldn’t suggest that you walk much of anywhere at night. If you do walk at night, take a flashlight and a big man with you.

    Tanzanians are very friendly and will typically come to your assistance if they see someone attacking you; but the best thing is to not be found walking about at night.

    Take a taxi and make certain that it is a taxi (they will always have a white license plate with black numbers, private automobiles have a yellow plate with black numbers.)

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