Best cities to live in Tanzania


What are the best cities to live in Tanzania?  where I can easily get a Job?

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  1. First best city would be Arusha as it has good weather and one of the old town in country having closer view to mount Kilimanjaro  2nd place to stay is Mwanza which is one of the favourate place near lake and business area however it has good climate around and is rich with natural beauty and red place to stay is Dar Es Salaam which is the most bussy city of the country of has so many places to chill around and ocean view and many resturants…

    However kigoma, Iringa, Mwanza and Tanga are also good places to stay,

    Please search all the facilities before you decide to stay some where,


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  2. My votes goes to: Arusha, Mwanza, Dar-es-salaam, Dodoma and Mbeya!  You can easily get a Job in these cities if you have the qualification, or I can say, if you qualify to get a Job the chances are high in these Cities!

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