Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro


When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

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    When considering when to climb to the Roof of Africa, each season has its advantages; you never know what you’ll get. Choose a month that best suits your schedule and goals, then hakuna matata. No worries. Because Kilimanjaro will leave you breathless (literally) and forever inspired. There’s simply no experience quite like it. So keep climbing.

    January – March: Less Rain, More People, Warmer Weather

    January is the driest time of year for climbing.
    A great time of year to consider Kilimanjaro for those less experienced.
    Warm and clear, the crowds are moderate.

    March – May: More Rain, Fewer People, Cooler Weather

    Low season for Kilimanjaro, due to this period being the rainy season.
    Muddier trails and lower visibility.
    You’ll have the trails more to yourself.

    June – October: Less Rain, More People, Cooler Weather

    This is the most popular season for Kilimanjaro treks.
    Students and families are on summer break, and many choose this time.
    By June the rainy season has subsided, bringing dry days and cool nights.

    October – December: More Rain, Fewer People, Warmer Weather

    A short rainy season typically arrives in November.
    Choose these months and you’ll find fewer people.
    December can see more visitors due to the holidays.

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