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Due to Covid-19 my 21st birthday has to be cancelled. I’m interested in using the money & going on a safari holiday instead of having a party. I’ve seen the Tshukudu Bush Lodge, Sun City, South Africa on virgin holidays.

I’m just wondering what is the best time of year to visit to guarantee seeing the big 5 animals? Unsure when to book due to the covid-19 as not sure when we will be able to travel again but just wanting some info as I may book for next year.

Thanks so much!

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    There is never a guaranteed time to visit and see the big 5 as the animals are free to move around. plenty of other exciting animals too outside of the big 5. Generally the bush is much thicker from about November-April/May time which makes it harder to spot the animals.

    It’s also very hot then so fewer animals are out and about from about 1000 until 1500 hours. There is more chance of rain during this time too. Having said that I recently went in February and had 9 Sightings of big cats and dogs in 6 days so the wildlife is there.

    My favourite time to go is September October time as the bush isn’t as thick and it coincides with better weather in Cape Town. The downside for me as a photographer is it doesn’t look as pretty at this time of year.

    I’m not sure about the reserve you posted, but I think you’d be better avoiding a package tour for this and booking separately.

    Why not share a budget and the forum can help you decide.

    As for sun city I would avoid it, not that exciting and you may as well save your money and go to Vegas at another point. Why not head down to Cape Town instead, lots of night life there too and plenty of other things to do in an amazing city.

    As for when to go due to COVID-19 well impossible to answer, but I wouldn’t book anything for this year. Peak in SA is apparently expected in September. I’m supposed to be going in October, but I can’t see that happening.

    I would probably look to go back end of next year, but don’t book anything until you know for sure.

    And finally have a read of the pinned post on how to do Kruger on the main page. Gives you all sorts of ideas for the different types of safari like self drive, private reserves etc etc.

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