Best way to fly from USA to Entebbe


We are traveling to entebbe September from San Diego USA. We would like to stop and see some other country on way. What would some ideas be ? What have some of you done to break up the trip a bit. Only would like to stay a day or two . On way there or way back . Thank you fro any help.

Any great accommodation in Uganda would be great to know too 🙂 It is our 30th anniversary and 60th Birthday trip .

Thank you

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    Turkish Airlines from Istanbul (a lovely city to visit on itself) via Kigali to Entebbe. Or KLM from Amsterdam (yes, a different type of city but interesting nevertheless) also via Kigali to Entebbe.

    You might also try Qatar Airlines. They offer (d) a stopover program for 2-3 days in Doha, Qatar. We took advantage of this stopover program last year on our way to Tanzania. They offer discounted hotel stays at specific hotels in the area. We stayed in a 4* hotel for 2 nights for about $55 a night.

    I am not sure when they will start flying again. I too am hoping that things open up again by the 4th quarter of this year.

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