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We are traveling to entebbe September from Denver Colorado. We would like to stop and see some other country on way. What would some ideas be ? What have some of you done to break up the trip a bit. Only would like to stay a day or two . On way there or way back . Thank you fro any help.

Any great accommodation in Uganda would be great to know too 🙂

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  1. Qatar Airlines offers (d) a stopover program for 2-3 days in Doha, Qatar. We took advantage of this stopover program in 2016 when I was flying from Tanzania to LA – USA. They offer discounted hotel stays at specific hotels in the area. We stayed in a 4* hotel for 2 nights for about $55 a night. We also took advantage of a free walking tour of the souq and a desert safari tour that we paid for.
    You can as well travel with Ethiopian and get their $50 package which comes with a transit visa, 1 day hotel and 3 meals. I’ve done it twice and saw a little bit of Addis but if u wanna see more you may have to make a longer stop.
    Egypt air also offers a hotel, meals and pickup for long transits which you can take advantage of and tour the city so does Qatar and Emirates. I believe Qatar has a free city tour if you arrive in time. All this would probably make more sense after lockdown though since many countries may not be comfortable hosting transiting guests in their city.

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