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Just trying to look at best options for our trip next June. We are booked on a safari and will have one night in Nairobi before an 8am flight the next day to Uganda. I’ve seen some posts that the traffic isn’t great in Nairobi. Would we be better off staying in a hotel near Jomo airport for that night or it doesn’t really matter? Any recommendations on a nice clean hotel with aircon and private bathrooms?

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    Yes, Nairobi has bad traffic. Since you have to catch an 8AM flight the next morning, I would recommend book an airport hotel. There are lots of great hotels by the airport. We flew in and out of NBO twice, and stayed at two different airport hotels, and would recommend both to you.

    • #1. Lazizi Premier Hotel (I think it changed name to Crown Plaza) is actually inside of the airport.
    • #2. Eka Hotel is just outside of the NBO airport.


    Both comfortable, have restaurants and bars. All the rooms have private bathrooms, they should be as comfortable as your nice hotels back home. You can google them and go to their websites directly for more information.

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