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I’m going to the crater soon and staying at the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge and am trying to figure out how to book a (guided) day trip drive through the crater. I see tours online from Arusha but have no idea how to book a tour from the lodge. Do I do it directly at the lodge when I arrive? I’m confused, please help! Thanks

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    From Arusha to Ngorongoro is 190km Kilimanjaro airport to Arusha about 40 km so airport to Arusha and then to Ngorongoro about 230 km.

     Ngorongoro wildlife lodge does not operate tour and there is no tour operator in there. Your operator who will pick you from the airport can be the one to book you Ngorongoro wildlife lodge and arrange you everything.

    Tour Operators have cheap contract rates in lodges and if you book straight yourself you will pay the rack rate which is very expensive.

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