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My husband and I are coming to Zanzibar in January and I have a few questions:

– Do we need to book tickets ahead of time for the ferry from Dar es Salaam
– We’re renting a jeep from Kibabu and will be self-driving around the island for 10 days.We were hoping to camp on the beach but I don’t see camping advertised as an accommodation option, is it possible at all?

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  1. Hello Fellow Traveler!

    You have to book the ferry tickets ahead of time. The ferries are full during high season. There are long queues, even if you already have tickets.

    If you are in the center of Dar already, you don’t have to worry about the high taxi cost. If you arrive by plane, I recommend you take a plane for the 15 min trip to Zanzibar. Taxis are very expensive and traffic is horrendous from the airport to the ferry, or vice versa.

    Camping or sleeping in tents is not allowed on Zanzibar. You for sure will get into trouble with the local police.

    There are a few budget places all over the island, or you can book a bed in dorms.



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