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My fiance and I are planning to Honeymoon in Southern Africa and Seychelles next June (06) 2021 and we are looking into some of the more luxury safari lodges. Wanted to get feedback on the ones that we have looked into and see what anyone thinks.

Botswana – Jao Lodge, sister to Mombo Camp. It is in the Okavango Delta.

Also then going to Ulusaba in South Africa and then onto Royal Malewane. Trying to stay at each camp for about 4-5 nights. Would love any and all info that someone may have. This is our first time going to the area and we would love to see a little bit of diversity as well as stay at some ecologically solid lodges.


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  1. You can’t go wrong with most camps in and near the Okavango Delta, including Jao. I’ve been to nearby Xigera, which is also in the area of permanent water and like Jao offers both water-based and land activities. Spectacular!

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