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I’m at the early stage of planning solo trip to South Luangwa. I don’t decide specific travel date yet but expected to be around late June or late July 2021. This will be my 3rd safari after Serengeti and Masai Mara.

Because of tight budget, I can’t afford all of the camps inside the park so I consider budget options outside the park instead. I have 3 choices in mind; Marula, Wildlife Camp and Msandile. It’s roughly cost around $200 +/- /person/night for all-inclusive package.

– I plan to spend around 5-6 nights at South Luangwa. Since most budget camps gather around central part near main entrance, I think it isn’t much different in term of scenery and location should I stick at only one camp or worth to split into 2 camps ?

– Most camp charge low season rate for June and high season rate for July. By the way, I found that Marula and Msandsile charges the same rate for either June and July. Which period is better in term of weather, scenery and wildlife ? Late June or late July ?

– Some opinions on TA said that central area of South Luangwa is the busiest part especially during high season. Is it the same “busy” level as at Serengeti and Masai Mara (Reserve area) ?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Between late June and late July there’s probably not much difference weather wise. For scenery/game viewing, it might depend on how late/heavy the rains have been whether there is much difference in terms of green-ness or amount of vegetation. This year so far they’ve had heavy rains. However, if the rains stop early it could still be pretty dry at the end of June.

    I guess there’s a reason for July being mostly high season and June being low season, so in theory game viewing should be “better” in July but in reality I doubt the difference is that dramatic. What you might find in June is fewer people around.

    The park might be less crowded. Also, note that most of the budget camps do fill their vehicles to capacity (eg 9 or 10 guests), so you might find away from peak season the vehicles may not be so full.

    As for how crowded it is- no, probably not as bad as the Mara/Serengeti at its worst.

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