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Please can someone let me know the bus timings from Arusha to Karatu and from Karatu back to Arusha? I have read a post from 2017 which says that the Dar express leaves at 5pm. Is this still the case?

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  1. Take a Noah express from Arusha to Karatu about 2 hours and back with other Noah again.don’t need wait the bus. Noah is a mini bus and no time of departure you go to bus stand and when is full it leaves and then the next will start filling up … same both ways, with lots of speed checks just now minimum 3 hours.
    You can get this mini buses at the main stand and  make sure you board a Noah that is just starting to load passenger’s then there will be plenty of space for your bags – try to sit on the side you can see if they are off loaded before Karatu.

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