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I can only leave Moshi around midday, travelling to Tanga. Can anyone tell me if I can still get public transport at that time, or do buses only leave in the morning. What is the latest time that buses head to Tanga? Also what options are there regarding bus quality / luxury? thank you

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  1. The first public transport bus from Moshi to Tanga leaves at 06h00 in the morning but you can still get the bus, the last buses depart moshi around 12:00pm.Try to check with these bus companies:- Kapricorn bus, Freys bus and Tahmeed. Actually Tahmeed is the top notch!!

    On the same note there are other public Buses all day via Moshi to Tanga operating from other regions like Babati, Singida, etc. BUT,  Why not on the next day? more time, much options?

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