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I am in the process of booking a private budget 7 night camping safari for next February 2021, and one of the many things we are in the process of deciding is where to spend our two nights in Tarangire.

We have been told by one of the safari operators that we are speaking to there is an extra charge for the campsites inside the park and this appeals because I’d rather be deeper within the park, and also I suspect the sites may be a little quieter than the sites near the entrance. We are happy to stay on the same site for two days and go for drives/walks from there but would really like to hear any recommendations for good campsites, in terms of setting, landscape, peace and quiet, decent facilities (although that’s less important to us than location).

We want somewhere that really feels like it’s in the middle of the park, close to nature and animals if possible (realise that can’t control that having said that!)

Just to check, are the public sites inside the park? What is the main difference between these and the other sites?

Appreciate any thoughts

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  1. There is 2 public campsite inside the Tarangire national park one not far from main gate about 5 km way it nice camp ground with nice toilet, shower as well solar energy and other camp turn left from main about 7 km as nice in middle of Acacia trees.

    It depend upon your Tour operator but budget camping payment at gate; Maybe just book the trip with your TO to organize all in one bucket list!

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