Can I climb Mount Meru


I’m planning to add a Mt. Meru trek to my safari trip.

I’m physically fit and active in my 30’s. I do rock climbing so the technical part of the trek/climb (if any) wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve done hikes/backpacking in the wilderness but never went above 7,000 ft. altitude (that’s half of altitude of the Mt. Meru summit).

My question is: for a 4 day 3 night trek there, does one need high altitude hiking/mountaineering experience or will I have no problem dealing with it?

Any experience you could share with me would be super helpful. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Go as slow as you need and you will be fine. Normally problems on Mt. Meru are related to fitness not altitude whereas Kilimanjaro it is the opposite. Mt Meru is a more difficult climb altitude taken out of the equation.
    Try not to carry much, hire an extra porter if you have to but I would now ask your operator how many porters you will have and then how much water, etc you will need to carry yourself.

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