Can I do group safari tours in Kenya?


Can I do group safari tours in Kenya? I want to join a safari group in Kenya!

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  1. There are companies (Many) that do group Safaris….  and it is possible, but I will explain more so that you can understand, group safari means; to do safari with may be 7 people that you have never met, and stay in the same car, and everyone is charged differently, for all of these people to have one common goal is a challenge…
    Imagine one couple in a group enjoy birds more, that means sometimes there will be challenges, for your who prefers mammals more! For a group Safari  I would advise someone to look for friends who can do safari with them, as they will have some sort of Bond.
    If you want to join a group Safari with the people that you dont know, I advice the following:

    • Do not pay before you start your Safari and Meet your group.
    • Make sure what you pay is the same amount as everyone.
    • Make sure the itinerary is agreed and known to every member of Safari.
    • Make sure you get a window seat for an enjoyable tour.

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