Can I get around Tanzania by Train?


Can I get around Tanzania by Train?

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  1. Train travel isn’t the easiest or most reliable form of travel in Tanzania, but it is a fun adventure and there are two major train lines you can take.
    There’s the Tazara train line that connects Dar es Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. The trip usually takes around two days, although delays are common. People often ask whether it’s worth the trip and all I can say, is that it’s an ‘experience’… and isn’t that what travel is all about?
    There’s also the Central line which links Dar es Salaam with Kigoma on Lake Tanganika and Mwanza on Lake Victoria. However, currently the track is out of action near to Dar, so if you want to take the train, you’ll need to head to Dodoma or Tabora (via other means) and take the train from there.

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