Can I go hiking in Congo?


Can I go hiking in Congo?

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  1. With its expanse of vast mountain ranges and thick rainforest, the DRC offers some top-notch hiking. There are lots of options in Virunga National Park, including various hikes to see the legendary mountain gorillas, but adventurous hikers will also want to tackle Mount Nyiragongo.
    This active volcano towers over Goma in eastern DRC, emitting an eerie red glow from its bubbling lava lake as darkness sets each night.
    The hike takes around six hours, climbing to 3470m through humid tropical forest, over scraggy lava rocks and past steaming geysers, before being plunged into mist at the top. At the summit, hikers camp in small huts on the crater rim, from where the boiling waves of lava can be heard crashing over each other like water in the ocean.
    The evening is spent gaping in awe into the molten, fiery heart of the earth, and watching as the crusted top of the lava lake rhythmically separates, revealing bolts of luminous orange liquid below.

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