Can I pet the animals during game drive?


Can I pet the animals during game drive?

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  1. We strive to follow best practices for wildlife conservation and avoid all personal contact with wildlife. It’s never healthy for them, nor is it safe for us. If you find yourself being approached by a wild animal, always follow your guide’s lead. For instance, when on an experience such as gorilla tracking, there are strict rules as to the distance you must keep from them.

    However, there’s always a slight possibility that the gorilla will approach you. If that were to happen, there are very specific things you must do (such as taking a submissive position, avoiding sudden movements, avoiding eye contact, and listening to your rangers as they “speak gorilla” to convince the animal to back away). The best part of going on safari is that it is an unscripted experience—along with the excitement, you must be prepared for anything and respectful of your guide’s directions.

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