Can I still do Serengeti Balloon?


I have a set itinerary already and everything is Planned with the tour operator, Can I still do the serengeti Balloon without interfering my arrangements? or a set itinerary?

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  1. Yes, providing you are staying at any of the central Serengeti lodges or camps or (seasonally) in any of the western corridor lodges/camps or (again seasonally) at any Serengeti South lodges or camps or those in the Ndutu area.

    Serengeti Balloon also now operate seasonally in North Serengeti and they can collect you from almost all of the camps in that area.

    You can also fly provided you are staying at any of the centrally located camps in Ruaha. They will collect you before the flight from your lodge/camp early morning and return you to the rendezvous point at 9.45am to join the rest of your party & continue your day’s activities.

    They aim to provide a perfect complement to your safari wildlife viewing.

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