Can I take train from Cairo to Aswan?


Is it a good idea to take the train from Cairo to distant destinations in Egypt like Aswan?

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  1. – Generally speaking, the standard of the railways service in Egypt is pretty good. The Egyptian railway network connects the Nile Valley, the Delta, and the Suez Canal. In the summer there are also trains to the resort areas along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast.

    – Because of the high prices of domestic flights in Egypt, air travel does not always suit budget travelers. While it takes longer, train travel provides a cheaper option and the experience of seeing the entire Nile Valley by train is a memorable one.
    The sleeper trains from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor are designed specifically for tourists, leaving Cairo at 9 PM and arriving in Luxor at around 4 AM and in Aswan around 7 AM. These trains are comfortable and the guests will be offered a private cabin and a hot dinner.
    -Bus travel is also available to all of these locations for Turgoman Bus Station, located near the main train station in Downtown Cairo. Buses provide another affordable travel option.

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