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Can I use my cell phone while on safari?

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  1. Most smart phones can be used internationally, but guests should be aware of the expensive data roaming fees that can accumulate while travelling.
    If you have one of the newer phones it may work in parts of Tanzania, depending on your service provider. U.S. cell phones using AT&T and T-Mobile will generally work in urban areas such as Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro.
    Remarkably, there is even cell service in many remote areas of the bush of East Africa. Coverage in the more remote parts Tanzania can be spotty, however, as well as in the area around Victoria Falls.
    If you subscribe to Sprint, Verizon or another mobile service, ask your service provider specifically for a phone that will work overseas. Cell phones are also available for rent at the major airports-rates are reasonable, and you pay for calls made.
    International roaming service is not automatically enabled on cell phones, even if subscribing to one of the services above. You will need to contact your service provider and ask them to activate the international feature. Also visit the web site of your carrier to get up-to-date information on coverage and options.
    Most of tour operator they offer a local sim card that will come with a good package to call, 5Gb, 100ms to call oversee, and enough text message at the cost of about: $10 – $15. This is the best option for a traveller as it will guarantee you reliable communication.

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