Chances of Seeing Serengeti Migration


Is it guaranteed that I will see the migration?

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  1. A tour operator can’t guarantee that you will see the migration. But most of them do have very profound knowledge of which area you should visit at which time of year in order to maximize your chances.
    However, weather patterns (which influence wildlife movements) are unpredictable, especially with the ongoing climate change.
    Tanzania has had some completely atypical rain patterns for example, and that can have an impact on wildlife movements.
    We do our utmost to ensure you have the best game viewing, but in the end, you need a bit of luck. The animals in national parks are wild, and there are no boundaries to restrict their movement.
    You may or may not see a leopard, or a cheetah, or the wildebeest. Your guide will certainly make a huge effort to provide you with excellent animal sightings, but there is never a guarantee.

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