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We are a group of 6 students Climbing Kilimanjaro, we are not on tight schedule, as we read online we discover that Mount Meru Climb can be a good preparation for Kilimanjaro Climb?

Should we do Mount Meru before Kilimanjaro?



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    Mt. Meru is indeed the perfect preparation for a Kilimanjaro climb. It offers you a taste of what you can expect on Kili:

    •     You trek in a group with porters, cook and guides,
    •     you climb through different vegetation zones over several days,
    •     you start your summit attempt around midnight and reach the peak around sunrise,
    •     and you then descend an awesome 2000 metres on the same day, very similar to your Kilimanjaro summit day.

    Most importantly, at a height of 4562 metres (14967 feet) Mt. Meru requires your body to make changes to adapt to the altitude.

    It’s called acclimatization and as a result you will be much better prepared for you Kilimanjaro climb. That altitude acclimatization is the main reason why people climb Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro together.

    I think it is a shame that so many people who visit Tanzania and Kilimanjaro view Meru only as a warm up trek for Kilimanjaro.

    Mount Meru is a very rewarding trek in its own right.

    And it is also a challenging climb. Do not underestimate it!

    The height is certainly enough to bring on altitude sickness if you ascend too fast. And bad weather can make the trek along the knife edge ridge of the crater rim a positively dangerous undertaking.

    But when the weather plays along  the Mt. Meru crater rim walk is one of the most spectacular walks you can do in Africa.

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