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I am planning to travel to tanzania in July with my family for a safari and then we will head to Zanzibar. For the safari we can’t decide between Selous game reserve and serengeti national park. Any review on either?


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  1. You can’t really compare the two.
    The Selous has more of that isolated wilderness feel about it.
    Great for boat safaris and walking……Even in the Serengeti because of its size you can still get away from the crowds.
    Wildlife is more easily seen in the Serengeti …….. the variety of animals and usually in large numbers.
    The wildlife in the Selous can be sparser and more difficult to find.
    The Selous is part of a hunting area the areas bordering it are still used by hunting companies therefore animals can be a bit harder to find.
    The river cruises are really great.
    I don’t know if budget is an issue but I would combine the Serengeti with Ngorongoro and Tarangire especially if wildlife is the issue. For birds you can’t beat Tarangire…..just thought I would put that one in.
    Consider Ruaha more similar to Serengeti with wildlife……

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